Our aim is to provide an academic forum through which trainees can present research, audit and clinical cases in an informal atmosphere, to a national audience of peers. Presentations are given throughout the day as oral podium presentations and poster presentations. The meetings also provide an opportunity to socialise and network. They are generously sponsored to allow us to invite all delegates free of charge, including free refreshments and lunch. As well as hearing presentations from trainees, we invite renowned speakers to impart their knowledge and experience in the field of ENT. Invited speakers have previously included Prof Tony Narula, President of ENT UK, and Mr Shahed Qureshi, Founder and President of ENT Masterclass.

our ethos

who we are

The inaugural EEOM conference was held in 2015. It was founded by ENT Registrars Mr Anant Patel and Miss Liliana Jablenska, who both work in the Eastern region. Mr Asad Qayyum, Consultant ENT Surgeon at Peterborough City Hospital, was appointed President of the EEOM.


East of england otolaryngology meeting

"Given that this was an inaugural meeting I thought it was fantastically organised and really impressed that it was all put on free of charge. Thanks very much for an enjoyable day!"

          -- 2015 delegate

"Thanks for the opportunity to give a podium presentation.I met a few people I'll be working with next year which was a nice bonus."

          -- 2016 presenter